Embroidery Service

Our business can offer an embroidery service for a wide range of different garments, for example, we can offer our embroidery service for jumpers, t-shirts, polo-shirts and also baseball caps for example.

embroidery service

We can offer an embroidery service to customise any garment, this can range from work jumpers through to baseball cap’s for example.

Most of our customers use our embroidery service to have workwear customised with a company logo, this can range from adding a company logo added to polo shirts, t-shirts, hoodies right through to high-visibility items of clothing.

Most companies, especially construction businesses and those that deal with their customers face-to-face, normally wear workwear which clearly shows a company logo.

We can also offer “vinyl printing”, this means that we can add a company logo and graphics onto workwear, using embroidery or vinyl graphics.

Here at Viking Print Studio we are also able to design company logos as well offering to add these to garments.