About Us

Viking Print Studio is owned and managed by Callum Evans within Newport, South Wales.Callum spotted an opportunity to combine his passion for design with modern printing techniques to create an expanding and renowned business here in Wales.The business now serves a range of different companies right throughout the United Kingdom.Callum and his team’s strengths are in understanding current design trends and design principles and bringing these designs to life through t-shirt prints, banners, vinyl printing or even designing company logo's and applying this to hundreds of mugs.The business has gone from strength to strength and continues to grow by offering competitive prices and sensible turnaround times on any orders that are submitted to us.

How we first started….

Callum started his business with a simple heat press and a vinyl cutter working from his garage, many years later the businesses expanded into a well-respected local printing business, which now serves company’s right across the United Kingdom.

We are able to offer a wide range of design and print services. This means businesses can come to us without having a company logo or graphics and we can get the ball rolling on designing these.

Instead of handing these designs to another business to create marketing merchandise, we can instead start work on producing marketing items in-house.

We are therefore your one stop shop for print and design services.


Bold ambitions for the future…..

Callum and his team have bold ambitions for the future, after quickly expanding his business, Callum now has his eye on future through expanding the reach of the business throughout the United Kingdom.The business is well-known for creating personalised workwear, banners as well as offering vinyl printing and design services.The businesses is homegrown here in Newport and Callum has ambitions to expand business further afield in the near future.We also sponsor local sports teams here in Newport and we believe that this part of Wales is a great location for serving the whole of Wales and the rest of U.K as we have good transport links.