Business owner Callum Evans discusses his expansion plans for Newport and beyond



Callum Evans is a local entrepreneur, his printing and design business is a well-known business which has enjoyed much success across Wales.

Viking Print Studio continues to grow its reputation as a business that is capable of fulfilling both large and small print and related orders.

Eye’s set firmly on expansion

In a rather challenging business environment, due to the constraints that covid restrictions that have been placed on many companies, Callum has actually spotted an avenue for expansion.

As more and more businesses need a cost-effective way of promoting their business, Viking Print Studio has found that more and more businesses are now investing in low-cost, yet highly effective ways of increasing brand awareness.

For example, whether its designing eye-catching company workwear complete with a distinctive logo, this often means that brand awareness is improved if a building contractor is working in an area for example.

Or perhaps it’s something as simple as increasing brand awareness, through applying a company logo to a mug and sending this to potential clients or existing clients, so that a business is always promoting its services.

Therefore Callum has found during the covid restrictions that more and more businesses are looking at ways to improve their marketing and to do this in a cost-effective way.

Therefore, more and more businesses are investing in embroidered workwear, customised masks, mugs and also vinyl printing to promote they company and events on garments.

Callum and Viking Print Studio have plans to expand further into the U.K


Viking Print Studio has partnered with courier services so that they are able to promptly deliver their items anywhere within the United Kingdom.

This means from their base within Rogerstone, Newport, the company is able to take orders for their printing and design services, and then to quickly dispatch these items anywhere within the United Kingdom.

Design and production in-house

With some printing companies which are located within Cardiff and also Newport, you need to have your design already made.

For example, you might have had to employ a design agency to produce a logo or hire a business to design graphics so that they can be applied to workwear items for example.

However, Callum quickly spotted an opportunity to employ talented designers in-house, so when a business approaches Viking Print Studio if they can quickly articulate roughly how they would like design to look, then the Viking Print studio is able to start producing draft designs and start coming up with ideas for the business.

What makes this an exciting business prospect is that once the design has been approved, the business is then able to start producing items incorporating this new logo or graphics in-house.

This might mean that the graphics are applied to hundreds or if not thousands of T-shirts for example.

Therefore, this makes it much easier for businesses to have graphics or logos designed, and then use the same company logo to start producing marketing items for the business

Callum a local entrepreneur that’s investing back into the community

Some businesses are purely about profit these days, for example some businesses only concentrate on taking orders for large production runs and not to take on small orders.

However, Callums business is completely different, he’s worked with small businesses which have managed to grow into larger businesses, therefore, Callum welcomes large and small orders.

Viking Print Studio also puts some of its profits back into the community, and does this by sponsoring local sports teams and also sponsoring football shirts.